Digital Marketing Reporting

Digital Marketing Reporting

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

Knowing what drives results, in your digital marketing efforts, is not as simple as it sounds!

There are many measuring tools out there but it is often difficult to make sense of the data being returned and often you have to log in and have many browser tabs open to see what you need to. This overcomplicates matters and you often walk away from this feeling more confused than before you started.

Why not have all the key performance data in one place?

Enter DM3

Discover what drives your online efforts.

Access all your data in one place! No more multiple browser tabs with complicated and unfamiliar data that do not make sense. Get the uncomplicated, easy-to-understand data you need to make decisions in one place.

Digital marketing reporting

Uncomplicated Website Reporting Dashboard

Website reporting dashboard
Everything you need right here.
Google analytics reporting

Google Analytics

How many website visitors did you get?

Up to 36 months of historical data. See how your overall efforts paid off over time.

Google search console reportin

Google Search Console

How does your website get discovered?

Which keywords drive users to your website?

Seet the clicks to your website for this month and the last 28 days for organic results.

Keyword Rankings

Keyword Rankings

How does your website rank in search engine results pages?

Optimise keyword rankings for the search results that drive business to your website.

Search engine optimisation audit

Website SEO Audit

Audit your website for technical SEO issues.

Are there any outstanding optimisations that can be applied to your website?

See optimisation opportunities and apply fixes to improve.

Google Ads advertising

Google Ads

How does your Google Ads campaigns perform over time?

Link Google Ads campaigns to your dashboard and see how your budget is spent. Drill down into individual campaigns to see up-to-date statistics.

Facebook advertising

Facebook Ads

How does your Facebook Ads perform over time?

Link Facebook Ads to your dashboard and see how your budget is spent. Drill down into individual ads to see up-to-date statistics.

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