Digital Advertising

Google Ads

Target prospective clients when they search for your service or product.

Facebook Advertising

Advertise on Facebook with targeted ads. Lead generation and brand awareness campaigns.

Instagram Ads

Connect your Facebook campaigns to Instagram.

Google Ads advertising

Google Ads

When customers search for businesses or services you offer, Google ads will display your ads. Only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business.

Search Campaigns

Search ads appear on Google’s search results page and can also be extended to show on Google’s Search Partner Network, which includes Google Maps.

Display Campaigns

Display ads are media-rich ads that appear on Google’s partner sites and apps.

Shopping Campaigns

Shopping ads appear as product ads on Google search results pages.

Local Campaigns

Search ads that drive traffic to physical locations.

Facebook / Instagram Advertising

We can help you to use Facebook to let more people discover what you do and connect with your business.

Brand Awareness Campiagns

Show your ads to a targeted- or broader audience depending on your goals. Ads show up on Facebook and Instagram. Build an audience.

Targeted Audience Ads

Use your targeted audience to sell more of your products to an audience that is interested in your business.

Shop Ads

Sell more on your website or directly through Facebook apps with shop ads. These ads show your e-commerce products to prospective clients.

Location Based Ads

Show your ads to consumers in and around your location to drive in-store sales and awareness.

Facebook advertising
Instagram advertising
Digital marketing reporting

DM3 is a reporting tool that allows our clients to log in and see up-to-date and in-depth statistics on digital marketing results. Brandsplash has developed its tool in-house to fit in perfectly with our clients needs.

DM3 - Digital Marketing Data Reporting

Discover what drives your online efforts. Access all your data in one place! Get uncomplicated, easy-to-understand data to make informed decisions.

Google Analytics Data

See all visitor statistics and monitor results over organic, paid and social campaigns.

Google Search Console Data

Monitor and compare organic search data for your website. Measure Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) efforts over time 

Google Campaign Data

See up to date campaign statistics and make decisions on the move.

Facebook / Instagram Campaign Data

See up-to-date Facebook campaign statistics and make decisions on the move.

Rank Tracking Data

Monitor where your website ranks for applicable keywords. See the search volumes and decide which keywords to optimise for.

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