Website maintenance

By not keeping up with website maintenance your website could be losing you money.

It is common for website owners to neglect website maintenance once the website has been built. They either do not have time to do essential maintenance or are under the impression that it does not need to be maintained.

This could potentially cause them to lose out on leads and business coming from the website. The online environment is competitive and in the event where a user does not find what he is looking for or is frustrated by the user experience, they will simply go to the next website on the search engine results page.

No matter which platform your website is based on. We can help you keep it up to date.

Our extensive website maintenance services will ensure that you have a healthy website that works as intended.

You will receive a detailed report of website maintenance tasks performed every month.

The report can also identify security and performance issues your website may have.

  • Backup website and store offline
  • Check for updates to your Content Management System and extensions
  • Check for and fix any broken links
  • Review your website statistics and make adjustments to your site where needed
  • Add new calls to action / tweak your calls to action.
  • Check for 404 (Page not found) errors and fix link or set up redirect
  • Review progress toward your website goals
  • Ensure any dated content is up to date
  • Review and tweak your title tags
  • Check your page load speed
  • Test your forms
  • Test your website on new browsers
  • Remove any unneeded website extensions
  • Remove any inactive website administrators
  • Test your latest backup
  • Check your ordering process (if you are running an e-­commerce website)
  • Update your copyright date in your footer and update other date references
  • Review each page of your website for content accuracy
  • Renew your website domain name(s)
  • Examine the overall design of your site

Do not let your website loose you valuable business!

Please Note:

The website maintenance service offered by Brandsplash (Pty) Ltd serves to keep your existing website in working and optimised condition with the existing pages and features as present when the service agreement was undertaken. The maintenance service does not cater for the creation of new features or pages to your website. New features and pages can be undertaken by Brandsplash (Pty) Ltd, but will be quoted on and invoiced separately from the website maintenance agreement, or you can contact us for a customised website management package tailored to your specific needs.

To find out more, the website maintenance agreement document can be downloaded here.

Brandsplash is a web design and development company in Randburg. We specialise in web design, development, hosting, and website maintenance services.
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