How To Add Products on WooCommerce

Step 1

Go to your website login link

Enter Email and Password.
This will log you into the WordPress back-end.

wordpress management

Step 2

Click on products in the left menu bar

woo commerce management

Step 3

Click on ADD NEW button

ecommerce management

Step 4

Fill in the product details:
Product name and product description

ecommerce manager

Step 5

Select appropriate category and sub category if applicable

woo commerce

Step 6

Scroll down on the add product page to enter a Price and Sale price if applicable

ecommerce manager

Step 7

Click on inventory on the left and enter SKU if applicable.

Enable stock management
Add stock quantity
Add low stock threshold

Step 8

Add product tag product image and product gallery images.


If you would like to a new image, you can upload the  image,select upload files and drag the image to the window.


The PRODUCT IMAGE link is to set the main image of the product. Clicking on this link will take you to the image library from where you can select an image that was previously uploaded to the system.

e-commerce manager

After you upload the image,the image will be selected and you can fill in the details of the image like: Alt Text, Title, Caption and description.

e-commerce manager

After setting the above click on the SET PRODUCT IMAGE button

When setting product gallery images, you can select more than one by keeping the control button depressed while selecting the images.

Step 9

Please do not forget to PUBLISH your product after you have completed the above steps.

To edit a product you can select the product from the products list and change the details after which please remember to UPDATE the product. The publish button will change to UPDATE when you edit a product.

ecommerce manager
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