Inbound Marketing Pricing

Small Business / Start-Up

R20 500 pm*

Full Inbound

R26 500 pm*

Custom Solutions


Are you starting a new business or want to grow your existing business?

The starter package is designed to give your business the edge over your competition with a retainer-based pricing structure for successful growth.

Our full inbound retainer package is for established businesses who are determined to scale and expect awesome results.  

A greater effort with Inbound Marketing achieves more rapid advance towards your business goals .

Let us structure your package for larger companies with more traffic and lead generation requirements.

We can deliver a package and service specifically designed around your requirements.


  • Strategy and set-up
  • 2 Blog posts per month
  • 2 Conversion offers per year
  • Basic social media


  • Strategy and set-up
  • 4 Blog posts per month
  • 6 Conversion offers per year
  • Managed social media
*Our services require Hubspot Software. The price for Hubspot Software is not included.


  • Free rank tracking for the period of engagement
  • 1 Extra blog post every 3 months
  • Get 1 month of services free of charge on a 12 month retainer package
*Terms and conditions apply.

All retainer packages include

Our retainer packages are designed for sustainable growth results. With the included services you will have a comprehensive set of tools and execution strategies in place.

Smart Calls
to Action




**PPC Ad

** Monthly PPC Ad spend is not included but can be adjusted to fit any budget.

How do we work?

The pricing above is an outline of what the work we do in a standard month may look like. Because we have an agile approach to succeeding in delivering the results you expect, We will get the most important tasks done first. We will also prioritise the areas where we can identify fast results.

Our flexible approach is aimed at getting results that are sustainable and foundational so we can build upon lessons learned and implement new strategies that complement the work done previously.

You will receive a detailed report each month of the work that was executed and results achieved.


We can start working within two weeks after formal engagement.

Normal contracts are for 12 months but can be cancelled any time with 3 months notice.

This depends largely on what content and strategies are in place at the time of engagement. We do prioritise the low hanging fruit so that results are reflected as soon as possible but a realistic expectation would be to see noticeable results between 3 – 6 months and significant improvements in 6 – 12 months.

For quicker results, we can use paid advertising to accelerate the lead generation process.

Yes, please. Hubspot is a core component of our Inbound Marketing services. It connects all the tasks performed and helps us to implement the strategies as planned. It amplifies reach and results, keeps all the data in one place and allows us to reach the right person at the right time. It allows us to accurately measure and improve upon results achieved.

With a comprehensive Inbound Marketing strategy, we can provide proven services you need to reach your goals. This means can depend on a fixed monthly payment to cover all your digital marketing needs with measurable, actionable results that can prove return on investment.

This all in one solution will save you time, effort and money.

Interested? Let's get in touch.

See how to turn strangers into customers and customers into promoters of your business.

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